Cordova plugin that returns app version from google play store and app store

I am looking for an plugin that returns app version from google play store and app store. I searched didnt find any plugin that does this things only

Did you search if this is possible nativly? Last time i searched for this, it wasn’t.


Option 1: get request to google play store and parse dom it may break in future. (not recommended for enterprise app)

Option 2: I am not native developer this would make sense,

// Creates instance of the manager.
val appUpdateManager = AppUpdateManagerFactory.create(context)

// Returns an intent object that you use to check for an update.
val appUpdateInfoTask = appUpdateManager.appUpdateInfo

// Checks that the platform will allow the specified type of update.
appUpdateInfoTask.addOnSuccessListener { appUpdateInfo ->
    val version = appUpdateInfo.availableVersionCode()
    //do something with version. If there is not a newer version it returns an arbitary int


AppUpdateManager could work, but on iOS i don’t know :thinking: In our app we solved this “show user a prompt to update the app” situation via a version set in backend and check it ti the current app version on app startup

this is i already done in one project but here task is different, I will not have an api to compare version :frowning: anyway thanks for quick reply.