Getting playstore app version into our application

Hi, How I can get play store app version into our application in ionic v1 and angularJS. Please help me.

Are you asking how to know if the application in a device doesn’t have the latest version of the app store, or are you asking once you know that the app is outdated, how to actually download the latest version into the device?

I am asking, How to get playstore appversion into our application, so that I can comapre current app version and playstore app version and I am able to prompt alert like update vailable

Welp funny enough, I am looking for exactly the same thing, difference is I’m in ionic 4, but anyway, I found a react native plugin that does that and I thought it’d work with ionic native since from what I heard react can run in ionic environments in ionic 4, but a dude told me it doesn’t work

still looking for a solution, since I really want to get what is the latest version from he app store and not from the server or the database.
There must be some solution, that works for ionic 1 too, unfortunately no one is talking about it

I am also waiting for this.

@SanduCuragau Did you find any solution for this use case? If yes can you please tell me how to achieve this?