Gentleman, the christocracy team (authors of the above mentioned plugin) is about to push forward the new versions of their plugin into premium. To be correct the Android will be supported just in the premium version of the plugin. What would be the best mid/long-term strategy? Stuck with actual #0.3.7. version (fork it immediately as a safety measure), upgrade to a new $695 premium? Is there a another good Cordova plugin that could be adopted for ngCordova?

Fork the hell out of it and use it for now. Hopefully someone else will continue on this basis.

Hi @Gajotres i like your blog, i am waiting you to write tutorial background geolocation in your blog.
Tks for All your post in blog.

Hi @kankudin, I will, today or tomorrow, it’s in my scheadule.

yes please write how organize geolocation watcher. Yours blog is awesome - big thanks! All people in our developers team reading your blog))

I think the best implementation will be using - this plugin, because - very stupid description and a very large cost that can not afford many developers…

@MrPro100 – I’m the author of cordova-background-geolocation. If you want to have Apple reject your app (100% GUARANTEED), go ahead and use cordova-plugin-background-mode.

@MrPro100 furthermore, you may think it’s expensive but clearly my sales show that my customers think it’s as awesome as I do.

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Here’s a $100 off coupon for the first 5 people who wish to purchase my cordova-background-geolocation plugin:


Your plugin is really very good and I respect your work.I not want to offend you

It’s comments like this which make me think about just destroying my old junk pile legacy repo.

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hi gajotres, can u share your blog url about this background geo location,
am struggling to enhance the gps feature, as am experimenting an new app, i cant afford the $399 or $599.
if you share your blog that ll be help full alot.
thanks in advance (Y)