Cordova platform and plugin add is really slow

Is anyone else having problems with cordova platform add and cordova plugin add taking a really long time? Most of the time, it’s pretty slow, but every once in a while, it takes a really, really long time. For adding a platform, it’s taking upwards of 5 minutes. For adding a plugin, it’s taking several minutes. I know this isn’t ionic’s fault, but I’m wondering if anyone else is having this experience and has any suggestions. I don’t think its the internet connection, because I’ve tried two different internet connections. It makes development really difficult. Shouldn’t this be using the plugman cache or something to make it faster for plugins I have added before?

I am seeing the same problem. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer. :frowning:
I tried updating the plugin names based on this article but that didn’t help.

Updating cordova to the latest version (6.1.1) should resolve the issue.

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Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, we depend on plugins that don’t support 6.1.1 yet. So I guess it’ll be a while before we can enjoy better performance. Out of curiosity, do you know what changed? It didn’t use to be this slow.