Cordova CLI 8.0.0 released


Release highlights:

CB-13056: removed support for WebOS, BlackBerry10, and Ubuntu
CB-13057: removed cordova save command. This command isn’t needed as cordova auto saves dependencies.
CB-13055: removed --nofetch flag. Now all of our dependency fetching happens via cordova-fetch. This allowed us to drop the npm@2 dependency we were shipping with cordova. Instead, we now just use your system npm to do all of our fetching.

Who wants to be guinea pig and update right now?


Great to hear this.
Yes, it’s about time to remove Blackberry OS… no one uses Blackberry anymore.
Blackberry filed bankruptcy many years ago.


Guinea pig here :wink:

No worries, update is straight forward, no problem (full test done: update cordova / build iOS and android / run app on real devices)

p.s.: I use android@6.4.0 and ios@4.5.4


…and they released some plugins to drop the support of these platforms too


I may be wrong, but I’ve the feeling that if you use a cordova-android version < 7 you won’t be able to upgrade these freshly released plugins.

I could still not upgrade to 7 (some plugins aren’t compatible) and when I fetched the camera plugin I saw following warning

Fetching highest version of cordova-plugin-camera that this project supports: 3.0.0 (latest is 4.0.0)


Yep saw that too. And…

Failed to install 'ionic-plugin-keyboard': Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Users\admin\Desktop\testtttttt\platforms\android\AndroidManifest.xml'

Tried this with a brand new clean (empty) project

ionic -v 3.19.0
cordova -v 8.0.0
npm -v 5.6.0
"cordova-android": “7.0.0” edit/added


Yes, that is expected as these plugins also make sure you update to the new version as they are built for the new version and use functionality of it.


The relevant thing you didn’t post is your cordova-android version. I suspect it is 7.x, which changed some stuff about the paths of the Android project (AndroidManifest.xml is now one level deeper in app). ionic-plugin-keyboard doesn’t seem to have been updated for that yet.


Don’t know if it’s linked with this error, but I just noticed a ios-deploy warning after having build my iOS platform (even if everything was working fine)

Anyway I installed a fresh ios-deploy (same version) and warning disappeared. Maybe something was wrong with a simelink or something. Anyway all good.