CORB Cross-Orgin Read Blocking *not CORS (using HttpClient)

Corb is not allowing the browser to display data retrieved from my api server. I understand that this is a relatively new security feature by chrome/google.

(As everything was WORKING JUST FINE until one day…)

I’m wondering if anyone has gotten around this issue. I’m using httpcliet btw.


I know this is for cors, but give it a shot. I had this same issue on development with browser that I could not get data from API when testing in browser. Worked fine on real device. Then I stumbled into this:

Just add this in front of your API url and try if it works for you. So just like:

Just add it to your url, no space between. It helped to solve my CORS problem on web devel. Just remember to remove that, when going on real device / production.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Once you fully update your browser you may start experiencing the same thing. But if you are trying to receive json it will completely be blocked from entering browser memory.

Anything that looks like json or html will be subject to this due to strict MIME type checking and data sniffing moreso.

5:10 is where I started getting upset

On Firefox try to add plugins named Cross Domain and CorsE and activate its, you’ll work stable for both post and get with http

Maybe for testing but I couldn’t ask each and every person trying my app to go through that process. Hopefully chrome will have solution for anyone using angular.

The http cordova plugin is your best bet.