API Request Being Blocked


I’m stuck here with a CORB that occurs during API request through web browser while testing.
This problem started suddenly, and I don’t even know how to solve it without server changes! The app works well using ionic cordova run -l though.

Additionally I’ve tried to use CORS chrome extensions but it seems not effective.

So, if some one could lend me a hand I will be grateful!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @zyzmoz,

Chrome extensions would only work in your machine, so it’s not a solution you can use for production apps.

Check out the new CORS Errors docs page to check how it may be impacting your app and the appropriate solution depending on your situation.


Exactly! As I said, the problem just occurs while testing via browser… Moreover I’m using Native HTTP when platform is cordova! However this CORB just started to happen like a couple days ago…

Yes this just started popping up for me as well. Maybe because it takes me forever to update anything (when I finally let my machine reboot with updates it has collected)

CORB is a new security feature added to chrome and a few other browsers. It’s been a huge headache as the chrome dev team seems to believe that all json or text/html being passed between origins should be blocked.

There explanation even states that it will read the first couple of characters and block it if it “looks” like json or html.

Very very VERY lazy data protection. But because it completely tosses json out the window (keeps it from being stored in memory and is replaced by an empty object) we are going to have to find a way to receive data in a way that doesn’t scare the browser then parse it back into the format that we can work with (possible quick fix).

At least until the chrome dev team can show us how to “properly” handle cross origin communication among all the different frameworks that we use or until the developers maintaining these various web techs update the tech to chrome devs “security standards”.

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