Copy/Paste Clipboard


is it possible to get translated the copy/paste text in other language?

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How exactly do you want to translate it? In which way? Well, the easiest method is to get you text and put it in Google translator, as many of my clients do, after buy custom essay papers and translate it to the other language, like French ot Spanish (of course, why to write 3 essays when you can buy one and translate it). Also you can use some special services or apps, or translate it by your own with a vocabulary. Also you can go to the translator and asked him to do this.

When I copy text from my text widget the copy text is shown in english. I wanna get translated in German.

Could you provide a screenshot of what exactly you want to change? :slight_smile:

In my app these are not translated although my default language is german from device.

For some reason, this and stuff like the “Done” button when the keyboard is open, depends on the Localization native development region under the Info tab in Xcode. If you set it to Germany, you should be good.

Is this happening for you on the builds which are pushed to the store? (The one you make when you go Product -> Archive) I’d like to believe this is only relevant for non-store builds … Certainly hope so…

Edit: Just confirmed, it’s doing it on store builds too.

Edit 2: Would be great if someone could figure out a way to make it use the language of the device, cause I can’t … :confused: