Translation - iOS - Select / Paste when tapping in a search bar


Hi all,

I developed an app in several languages.
My app uses a ion-searchbar allowing the user to use a search api.

In this text field, if the user is tapping the screen for a while, a menu appeared with Select / Select All / Paste…

In English, no problem on iOS & Android.
For other languages, Android is using the current language of the phone - perfect.
In iOS, it always display Select / Select All / Paste for every language (no translation).

Does anyone know how to translate this in iOS ?


Interesting, normally this is also in the device language.
Can you recreate this in a minimal project and put it on Github so we can try it out?


Here is the Github repo:

Let me know if more information are needed.
I tried on an iPhone 6 / Language: French / iOS Version : 10.3.1
Ionic Version 3.0.1 (issue also with Ionic 2.3.0)


Hi @Sujan12,

Have you been able to see the bug with the Github files?