Best way to Export / Clone Ionic Project to different development environment


Hi there, I’ve built an app with ionic framework for ios and android with windows,i know that i can only deploy to the app store on a mac environment, and i don’t own one, fortunately enough i have a friend that just bought a new mac and agreed to let me use it to deploy the app, what the best way to export/migrate an ionic project from my current development environment to the new one? Is the following way the best/right way to do it: Install node,js and ionic cordova on the mac device > start new ionic blank project with ionic start AppName > copy paste www folder into that new blank project > add platforms > install plugins > build and emulate ios to check if everything is alright? are these steps correctly ordered? i’ve used SASS and gulp as well on the app i’ve build, am i going to have some problems with the solution i described?

I just wanna know if anyone had the same necessity and how did you do it, this is only because i need to make the few hours im going to have with a mac count :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you in advance for your time!