Convert base64 image array into a single ionic pdf

Hello guys good afternoon I am making an app that captures the images from the camera and cell phone gallery, transforming them into base64 and adding them to an array. I need to take this array of images in base64 and transform it into a single PDF with one image per page. I know that Ionic has PDF Generator but I don’t know how to convert it that way. Please help me plugin link:

what point causes difficulties?
Do you read plugin readme ?

he may not have seen it but in the examples he uses the conversion of just a base64 to generate the pdf and I need to convert an image for each page of the pdf, that is, convert a base64 array to a pdf, with each image being on a separate page. I didn’t get to see it there, if you could, could you tell me which session you are in?

I would investigate jsPDF here.

I think you need dynamically create html string where will be blocks with images that uses base64 content as source and handle this string with generator plugin. Need some test to resize each element at full page properly.

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I’ll try this but I know how