Android seems to have a whole different view?


So, if I run with ios emulator, layout seems to be fine as below image.

but as I run with android, whole layout gets changed like this…
Is this normal?

nav bar is up in the air and my font css is now massed up on the navbar top for address (white letters)


ionic has platform dependent styling… like tabs --> on ios tabs are always at the bottom.

you can configure it in the template via classes or set it via$ionicConfigProvider/

Look at, tabs.position


One of the amazing advantages Ionic has over most other hybrid frameworks is that it adapts to the platform’s look and feel, with very little involvement from the developer.


@bengtler @delta98

thanks for the advices, with little tips its already looking better…

I see that ios stuff is fixed with -webkit- prefix for css, but for android, what would be the prefix for css that I would want to use?


If you are using gulp I would recommend using it will prefix all of your css for you, so you don’t have to worry about it :slight_smile: