Controller $ionicScroll can't be found!

Im running my project on chrome right now (1.0.0-beta.11), and when I add the infinitescroll directive to my project it display this error message:

Error: [$compile:ctreq] Controller ‘$ionicScroll’, required by directive ‘ionInfiniteScroll’, can’t be found!

The Pull to refresh work fine,
this is my tab html:

		<ion-item collection-repeat="c in items"
			class="cartao blue">
			<p class="seg">{{c.texto}}</p>

Any idea whats going on? Does it have anything to do with the update?

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I see the same problem with pullToRefresh (and ofcourse infiniteScroll too). The problem in my case is because of overflow-scroll=“true”, which I have. But I cannot giveup overflow scroll because the touch events are lost in Android with the default scroll

Same/similar problem