Content is appended when it contains a phone number?

Quite a weird issue I’m seeing, not sure if it’s due to Ionic or Angular or Cordova. My app shows a profile of a person, and the profile can contain a short description (or headline) of that person.

What I now see is the following

  1. Profile of Person A with a phone number in headline
  2. Tap “next” to see next profile, of Person B
  3. Headline of Person B is appended to the headline of Person A (which contained the phone number)

All other variables on the page regarding the user’s profile do change. Also, when there is no phonenumber in a headline, tapping next shows only the headline of the next person, not the merged version.

I’m not sure if this is due to something in Angular or Ionic. It seems to be the former. Can this be related to iOS auto-linking the phone number? Will that trigger something that then does not update a scope variable?