Confirm E-Mail by clicking a link


can someone tell me the best approach to confirm, that an E-Mail is existing ?

I would like to send a link to the given E-Mail with some parameters in it. If the user clicked that link,
i want to set the “E-Mail confirmed Flag” in my mysql Database.

But how does this work in Ionic/Angular ? How can i get the parameters out of the clicked link ?

Or is there a better was to do this ?

Thank you

Kind regards

Should the user really end up in your Angular/Ionic app after the email confirmation? Are we talkong mobile app or PWA here?

Hey Sujan12,

no its just a PWA. the user should not end up in an mobile App.

Ok, but may it be enough to land on a page rendered by the backend that only links to the PWA? That might probably be the easiest/simplest solution.

Yes it should be as simple as possible. Nothing special. I just want to confirm the given E-Mail by sending a “confirmation” link to that E-Mail.

Then don’t do it in Ionic/Angular but in whatever your backend is written in. Problem solved.