Conference app translated to pt-BR

Good night folks,

I took a few days out of the office and did a modified version of the Conference App, it’s all in TS and translated to pt-BR.

some changes that I made:

  • change in CSS to make a little more attractive.
  • check user login to see if are already logged in and shows the schedule, otherwise requires the user to login or register.
  • Schedule supports more than 1 day.
  • Items of the Schedule and Speakers indexed by ID.
  • If an item are already in favorites, show Remove button.
  • Reshaping the details page of events and speakers.

If have any Brazilian Ionic user here, be free to use, criticize, help to modify, , etc.

People representing the Ionic, if you do not like, or for any other reason, want me to delete the project, let me know.

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This is awesome, nice work!