Conditional Root Page

I want to bring up the topic of a conditional root Page again. I am aware that there have been some topics on this in the past but nothing very recent and I would like some input.

So this is my current solution. isLoggedIn is a boolean variable. This is in my app.component.ts:

export class MyApp {

  rootPage: any

  constructor(platform: Platform, statusBar: StatusBar, splashScreen: SplashScreen, storage: Storage) {
    storage.get("isLoggedIn").then((status) => {
      console.log("component logged in?", status)
      if(status) {
      } else{

    platform.ready().then(() => {
  goToTabsPage ( ) {
    this.rootPage = "TabsPage"
  goToLoginPage() {
    this.rootPage = "LoginPage"

This seems to work fine so far, but I am sure there are better/faster ways to do it.