Complex UI in Ionic to develop POS

First of all thank you very much for your time and sorry for my English.
I am learning Ionic because I need to develop a Point of Sale (POS) for my Restaurant. My idea is like the following image:
My first question is if Ionic 2 is the appropriate framework to develop web pos like image?
And if the answer is yes, do you know where can I get examples with similar complex UI?
I the answer is no, What framework choice to do this?

Thank you again.

Sure you can use Ionic to build an UI such as the one you posted. The complexity lies more in the database behind the UI and things like printing receipts and similar.

But to be honest: Why would you want to build a POS system for your restaurant? Just buy one?

Thank Sujan12 for your reply, I am a Java developer and in the past I was build POS app. I know very well the POS database and the printing mechanism. The only thing I lack is HTML5 knowledge. I know that the easiest is to buy one, but I like to learn and I need a point of sale quite personalized.
Any complex example like image with Ionic2?
Enjoy weekend!

i’ve a restaurant and i play with ionic 2 for a mobile restaurant pos, contact me please

any progress i’m also interested in this POS project/topic.

hi @norbertbede, soon i can send you beta version of my project, keep in touch :slight_smile:

hi, i would like to her about your project status, @ProjetPOS. thanks