How to create Apps with Beautiful UI?

We are new to Ionic/Angular, Started the app development in Ionic1 from past 2 months, We are able implement the functionalities like Register, Login, Authentication, Posting the data to server, Accessing the data from server, The back end code is written in NodeJS.
We have following questions,

  1. How to get the beautiful UI ?
  2. How to use the ready made ionic UI themes and Plugins for better UI? how to customize them ?
  3. How to build our own CSS components ?

Basically we are not able to control the UI, to achieve the good looking screens.Especially when Ionic is designed for Beautiful UI.

Another question is,

We have been hearing ionic2 is not ready yet, But in the ionic2 documents we found all the components and functionality required are ready.
Is it still not stable for a production of an APP ?

Asking this question because Ionic2 UI components are good looking and directly Implementable which are not available in Ionic-1.

We are ready to pay for consultation,
If Ionic experts are ready to help us in getting the Beautiful UI.
It will be part time Consultation work to achieve better UI.


I am familiar with the requirements you have posted.

It would be highly appreciated if you can make one Skype call regarding the task which you want to accomplish with best quality with affordable price.

My rates are too Nominal and you will be delighted with the service.

I am looking forward for your kind attention.



Skype: Robert.cisin


Thanks for your words. I have good experience on developing and designing ionic apps.

Please feel free to contact me on mail :

I will give you idea about the requirements that you have posted.


I will definitely help you to get best and beautiful UI. I have very good experience in front-end and released themes in ionic market - and done more than 5 projects in Ionic platform.
Ionic2 is stable for production of app. I will let you know everything about it and try to answer your all query. It will be good if you can add me on skype So we can discuss for further.

Kind Regards,
Manish Mittal
Skype - manish.osuniverse