Combining swipe gestures with ion-slide-box

Hi everyone,

I’m was fooling around with ionic and as I was having some troubles using swipe-gestures and slide-boxes I decided to make a simple example to illustrate the problem. As I’m fairly new to ionic I didn’t feel very comfortable to start debuggin around, as I might be doing something completely wrong.

Heres a little codepen:

My little app consists of 3 pages each represented by a slide. Page 1 should display a few cards with each a slide-box on its own. Page 2, the main page should add a rating (score & name) to a list at the bottom. Another card in the very middle should filter the list by the score displaying. Either using the left or right buttons to increase/decrease the filter or by using swipe gestures. The list should be swipable too. Page 3 is just an empty page.

I came across a few things, also as stated Wkim149 (ionicGesture ‘release’ not working properly) the on-release event doesn’t get fired properly, however this just goes for “cards”. Within the view of the ShowRatingsCtrl it works quite well.

Another thing is, I’m struggeling to separate each ion-slide box. It seems like only the main is being used, the nested ones just follow.

So my main question, is it possible to use multiple, nested ion-slide-boxes?
And is there any bug using on-release?

oh btw, I experienced a way better behaviour running on iOS than my browser.