Collection-repeat vs ng-repeat in new ionic versions: Is there still a big difference? (Updated: YES)


Hi, I remember when I first started with ionic, there was a HUGE performance difference between collection-repeat and ng-repeat.

In the most recent versions of ionic is there still a big difference? I happened to switch collection-repeat to ng-repeat for one of my (very big) lists and I’m not sure I see a difference.


Yes, difference is still there.


Not sure if this will answer your question but this is a related blog post from Ionic…


Thanks @hoang_mentorem.

I can confirm that scrolling speed of ng-repeat has greatly improved for large lists compared to old versions of ionic.

However, performance for other items when the list grows (not scrolling) is another story. With ng-repeat, once the list grew large, other operations (not scrolling) slowed down to a very large degree --> I am testing on a iPhone 5s, to a point that it became quite unusable. I was only focussing on scrolling speed while comparing earlier.

I don’t know if the slowdown of the app is due to more memory consumption or redraw CPU cycles - I did not benchmark. It’s funny that this slow down does not affect scrolling much.

I switched back to collection repeat, and used the alternate example that @Gajotres gave earlier in the thread of using accordion lists with collection-repeat.

So the difference in app performance (which really is ng-repeat redraws all list items irrespective of if in view or not vs. collection-repeat which only re-draws items in view) is still HUGE. The only thing that was pretty comparable was scrolling speed.