Code Obfuscation

How can i obfuscate my code in order to hide my APIs etc.

Alternatively any way to make provider folder hidden.

All this is an attempt to make sure that if apk is reverse engineered, at least the apis remain hidden.

Have already tried a couple of methods but none of them seem to work with ionic 3 when i run the command

ionic cordova build andorid
ionic cordova build ios

No, as any app in the word, consider your app as fully public

If you need to use secret keys, I would say, then delegate the work to a backend where you hide and use your keys

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Thanks. I have however found a way to partially obfuscate the code. Still unable to find any way to achieve completely obfuscated code as you mentioned.

I hope you’re not still expending any energy trying to do so, as it’s categorically impossible. Anything the app needs to be able to read to do its work, anybody with a copy of the app binary can have.