[Closed] RC.0 Tabs Config breaking app

I’m trying to config the Tabs. Until beta.11 i have this:
let config = { platforms: { android: { tabsPlacement: 'top', tabsHideOnSubPages: true, tabsHighlight: true, }, core: { tabsPlacement: 'top', tabsHideOnSubPages: true, tabsHighlight: true } } };

Now, on rc.0 core options breaks the app when trying to navigate to a tab. The page is all blank. removing core, it works, but the tabs are at the bottom ( using ionic serve with Chrome ).
Moving tabsPlacement to the top works:
{ tabsPlacement: 'top', platforms: { android: { tabsHideOnSubPages: true, tabsHighlight: true, } } };

Now, moving those 2 android setting to the top again the app is broken.
tabsPlacement: ‘top’,
tabsHideOnSubPages: true,
tabsHighlight: true

The error is always:

tabs.js:172 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘select’ of undefined(anonymous function) @ tabs.js:172ti.resolve @ nav-controller-base.js:139NavControllerBase._trnsFinish @ nav-controller-base.js:465t.invoke @ polyfills.js:3onInvoke @ ng_zone_impl.js:43t.invoke @ polyfills.js:3e.run @ polyfills.js:3NgZoneImpl.runInner @ ng_zone_impl.js:70NgZone.run @ ng_zone.js:231(anonymous function) @ nav-controller-base.js:408Animation._didFinish @ animation.js:511Animation._playProgress @ animation.js:191Animation._playProgress @ animation.js:182Animation._playDomInspect @ animation.js:175

not sure, but maybe related to my general issue here?

The issue happens because of tabsHighlight. When i remove it, the tabs work…

This is issue has been fixed.