Clickable ionic-footer

hey guys, can anyone help me how can i have a footer or button fixed n the bottom of the screen (don’t scroll down) ? (i’m sending a sample below )
i also want it to be clickable!

Hi @ghonche-yqr! :wave:

I’m not sure of what you’re trying to do. Are the “ADD TO CART” and “BUY NOW” buttons ion-button? In Angular you can make any button clickable with (click)="myFunction()". If they’re not really buttons, you can also add the tappable attribute to remove the 300 ms delay on touch devices and show the hand cursor on desktop.


hey friend,
since ion-footer is written out of ion-content tags, (click) attribute doesn’t work on it and it’s content. my problem is this.

i don’t know what should he “ADD TO CART” and “BUY NOW” buttons be! this is the screen shot of what i wanna make.
thank you very much for your help.

The (click) event binding also works in an ion-footer outside of ion-content, same with ion-header. Can you share your template (HTML) code?

my problem solved
thank you

    <ion-toolbar >

            <div (click)="shop(">
               ADD TO CARD

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