Save changes and emulate in iOS?

Real amateur question here, but I’m using the pets app as a playground for testing and when I make my changes in BBEdit, how I can I view the changes I made in the emulator? Every time I run ionic build, emulate or prepare, all of my changes are removed. Am I missing a step to run a command to save my changes?

Are you working in the Platform/www folder or just the www folder?

Working with the Platform/www folder

Alright thats your issue. You should be working in the www folder at the root of the project. The Platform/www folder gets its contents after you run ionic prepare ios from the project level www.

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Aha! Made the change and it worked. Makes sense now, since the platform folders are device instances of the main application. I’m used to making changes and refreshing the browser. :smile: Thanks for the quick reply!

Glad to be able to help