Chrome-extension:// ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error

I’m working on converting our current Ionic app to run as a Chrome packaged app and the one part I am hitting a wall on is converting our Google map page.

I’ve included the iframe for sandboxing and the page is very basic

<ion-content class="padding">
    <ion-content data-tap-disabled="true">
        <iframe src="map.html">


The map page throws an error in the inspector window

GET chrome-extension://<appKey>/map.html net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

I’ve whitelisted with Angular in my app.js

.config(['$compileProvider', function ($compileProvider) {



Finally my manifest.json file has the sandbox config for the map page

"sandbox": {
  "pages": [

I’m stuck on what to do next. I’m not getting many hits on Google on this one and the error is coming from ionic.bundle.js (forEach.append)

Right now the map component is the only thing keeping me from the full conversion. I’m pretty sure I’ll run into a whole new set of errors on the map page since it’s running Angular Google Map scripts.

I’m close to punting on a hosted app as my next test, but I’d like to get this sorted out before I go down the path of option B.

Have you tried changing how you reference map.html? I would try using app/views/map.html , removing the first “/” to see if that helps.

I’ve tried that as well. Exact same message with and without the leading / in the manifest.json file.

It looks like I was just being stupid. My path was incorrect based on my understanding of the packaged paths in the Chrome app. I was missing the top level app folder in my path information so of course it could not find it.

That was a wasted 2 days…