Chrome as non default browser on macosx

Hello everybody, I have a strange behaviour on macosx.
I am splitting between to systems, one on ubuntu and the other on macosx.
In both the environments I have set firefox as the default browser but I want to serve my ionic app on chrome.
On linux, running ionic serve -w google-chrome works fine (even though I had to guess a bit the name of the browser).
On the other hand, I am not able to run chrome on macosx. Calling the same command does not launch chrome, but safari works fine.
Have anybody experienced the same behaviour?

Thanks a lot in advance

I haven’t, but if you need a quick fix just copying that url should work in chrome. Not sure if you’ve tried that yet… Seems simple, just didn’t come to mind when I was looking at doing some other debugging stuff a while ago.

Yes that’s what I ended up doing. Thanks anyway :smile: