Checkbox on Android

I’ve created list with items of checkbox inputs. In Chrome it works well. On Android the Checkmark disapear after
i clicked on an item

Hey @mobilefirst, do you have any code I could test on? Which Android device and OS version are you on?

Hello Max,

first of all i’m very impressed about the ionic framework. You’ve done a great job !! I’m curious about whats coming next.

In the meantime i have found it works well on Nexus 7 with Android 4.4 but not on Galaxy S4 with Android 4.2.2



Okay, so the checkbox just doesn’t really work on the S4? We have one in the office so I’ll test once that person gets in…

I’ve got the same problem on android 4.1.2 and on iOS emulator 7.0.3
if i bind a checkbox with ng-model the initial binding is correct (so for example checkbox is checkmarked if the binded variable is true) but switching the checkbox value doesn’t update the linked variable, so android turn the checkbox to it’s original value (iOS leave the checkbox on the selected state but doesn’t update model too). on chrome and safari it works well.