Charts in ionic 2 application

I am working with charts.js in my ionic 2 application so i have to use canvas for rendering. here i have to display two charts with buttons or segments, one is today chart and another is yesterday chart now i am showing two charts individually but i want to show when user click on particular chart.

here is two canvas elements:


Now i am getting like this:


I want to make :

any idea ?

where are you getting your data from

I am getting data from MySQL database using node server it is not about data coming from i need to put as one chart using two buttons.

I am asking because I am trying to create a chart like yours in my app and I getting my data from firebase so I wanted to ask how did you get the data into your app then convert it to graph using chart.js

I can tell you by separate because this is not our topic at this moment give me your mail id i will give you inputs how i did.

here it is