Making real time chart using data from Firebase Database?

Hello guys. I have found plenty of Charts.js and similar tutorials for ionic, but all of them are using static data. I would like to connect to my firebase database and creating charts based on the live data.

Anyone found a tutorial for that?

I am really interested in this topic

Still looking for a tutorial, this topic is very interesting.

Why don’t you use Charts.js and just update the data every second maybe?
I don’t think, that you can really directly connect any Charts to a database or sth liek this.

do you have any tutorial for that? I tried some charts.js ionic tutorial but all of them were using manually entered data. I would really need a hand to even connect it to an object

This is the only Tutorial I know.

See the structure of the passed data and edit or update it like you Need it. For this part is no tutorial available.