Change slide background color dynamically


I am using the ionic 2 slide component, and for each slide I want a different background color. So, my slider constructor look like this:

constructor(nav: NavController, param: NavParams) {
  this.nav = nav;
  this.param = param;

  this.slides = [
      title: "Welcome to the Docs!",
      description: "The <b>Ionic Component Documentation</b> showcases a number of useful components that are included out of the box with Ionic.",
      image: "img/phone.png",
      color: "#2662F7",
      title: "What is Ionic?",
      description: "<b>Ionic Framework</b> is an open source SDK that enables developers to build high quality mobile apps with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.",
      image: "img/phone.png",
      color: "#FD4B4B",
      title: "What is Ionic Platform?",
      description: "The <b>Ionic Platform</b> is a cloud platform for managing and scaling Ionic apps with integrated services like push notifications, native builds, user auth, and live updating.",
      image: "img/phone.png",
      color: "#4BC14B",

and my html code looks like this:

<ion-slides pager loop="true" autoplay="true">

  <ion-slide style="background-color:{{slide.color}}" *ngFor="#slide of slides">

      <ion-row class="ontop">
        <ion-col class="col1">
          <button class="signin">Sign in</button>
        <ion-col class="col2">
          <button class="skip">Skip</button>

    <h2 class="slide-title" [innerHTML]="slide.title"></h2>
    <p class="slide-description" [innerHTML]="slide.description"></p>
    <img [src]="slide.image" class="slide-image" />


This works fine in chrome, the background color changes as I want to. But when I compile the app on Android and iOS, it doesn’t work. All the styles in the app goes crazy.

How is the correct way to do this? so it works everywhere.



Have you tried using ngStyle?

<ion-slide *ngFor="#slide of slides" [ngStyle]="{'background-color': slide.color}">


Thanks a lot, it worked!


Buen dia tengo el problema con [ngStyle] ="{‘background-image’ : ‘url({{item.url}})’}", por favor ayuda


thanks, it worked. :grinning:


Use this:
[ngStyle] ="{‘background-image’ : 'url(' + item.url + ')'}"