Change div element using alertoptions

Hey guys, I wanted to change the variable #English to #Indonesia in a different div. I am using ion-select within an alertoptions. I’m trying to change my language from english to indonesia without using ng-translate because it will change the language for whole app.
Here’s my code:



  <ion-navbar color="finpalGreen">
        <ion-title >Funding Contract</ion-title>
            <ion-buttons end>
                <button ion-button icon-end (click)="changeLanguage()">
                  <ion-icon name="arrow-dropdown" color="dark"></ion-icon>

<ion-content  >
<div #English> <!-- english ver -->
        <div padding style="border-bottom:1px solid lightgray; ">
            <div style="padding-bottom: 10px;">
                <span class="span-top">english</span>
          <div #Indonesia><!-- indonesia version -->
              <div padding style="border-bottom:1px solid lightgray; ">
                  <div style="padding-bottom: 10px;">
                    <span class="span-top">Indonesia</span>


import { Component, ViewChild, Input, ElementRef } from '@angular/core';

import { IonicPage, ViewController, LoadingController, Content, NavParams, AlertOptions, AlertController} from 'ionic-angular';

export class FundingContractPage {

@ViewChild('English') English: ElementRef;
@ViewChild('Indonesia') Indonesia: ElementRef;

language: string;

constructor(private alertCtrl: AlertController){}

    let alertOptions: AlertOptions = {
      title: 'Language',
      inputs: [ {
        type: 'radio',
        label:  'English',
        value:  'en',
        checked: this.language == 'en'
      }, {
        type: 'radio',
        label: 'Indonesia',
        value: 'id',
        checked: this.language == 'id'
      } ],
      buttons: [ {
        text: 'Cancel'
      }, {
        text: 'OK',
        handler: selectedLanguage => {
          this.language = selectedLanguage;
          if(this.language == 'en'){
      } ]



How can I get it to present in front of my modul page? Thanks in advanced

I’ve got it, lol so simple …hahaha
I’m new with ionic,
I just had to use *ngIf


<div #English *ngIf="english">


<!--inside if else statement-->
<!-- this.English.nativeElement; -->
this.english= true;
this.indonesia = false; <!-- this will hid the div element -->

but I wanted it to be default in english, can someone help ?