Change color bullet ION SLIDES V4?

how to change color bullet in ionic 4 on slides dot? please not work .swiper-pagination { padding: 3px; bottom:0px; .swiper-pagination-bullet { background: #FFF; margin: 0 3px; } }

please help me …i don’t know i prove all :frowning:

In the SCSS that accompanies the template add:

ion-slides {
    --bullet-background: red;
    --bullet-background-active: rebeccapurple;

You might want adjust the opacity of the non-active bullet. By default it is .2, so any color you set will be very faint.

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thanks but for modify border of bullet?

I don’t think that value is exposed. You can open an issue on Github for it.

thanks but for modify border of bullet?

To do that you could use radial gradient, like this:

–bullet-background: radial-gradient(circle, transparent 30%, red 40%);
–bullet-background-active: radial-gradient(circle, transparent 30%, rebeccapurple 40%);

thanks its work perfect