Change bower default "lib" folder


I put my bower_components folder (actually in ionic is located by default in www/lib) in a different path, using .bowerrc


When I do ionic lib ionic cannot find itself (it looks for www/lib/ionic instead of [my_path_in_bowerrc]/ionic)
How can I tell Ionic to look for the .bowerrc? Is there a config in the config.xml or in the ionic.project?

Does it need to be implemented?



How about installing with bower?

bower install ionic


Hi, I know this topic is a bit old, but I think it’s still an issue.

You can install and update withn bower - that’s what I do now - but the ionic CLI commands ‘ionic lib’ or ‘ionic lib update’ does not work. This should be cofigurable or just look at the .bowerrc file

I posted something similar over a year ago but with no response


I’m afraid this is not possible at the moment. Looking at the code on it has ‘www/lib/ionic’ hardcoded everywhere.
You can try to do a feature request and file an issue at