Change npm install directory by default


I am new to npm, I have started a new project with ionic 1.1.0.
Each time I am using npm (I prefer it over bower) to install a package, it is installed in node_modules… shouldn’t the default directory for this be www/lib, exactly like it’s been done by default by the ionic team for the bower packages ?

Because I believe that the packages like angular-cookies or the likes should be inside the www folder no ?

I mean are we supposed to call script from outside www in index.html like this:

<script src="../node_modules/angular-cookies/angular-cookies.min.js"></script> 

When I package my app for production, will the directories outside of www be taken into account ?


node_modules contains only modules used to build your app not be included into your app.
Use the tools as they were intended to: use bower.

ok but how come you can install something like anulgar-cookies with npm then ?

Because bower downloads modules from npm registry amongst other places.

OK I see, thanks for your help !