Change Animation Per View


Does anyone know of a way to change the animation of the ion-nav-view per view? I am thinking of something that functions like the hide-nav-bar option since it informs the parent ion-nav-view of options for the view. Is something like this being looked into, or am I missing some functionality to change animation type.

I am using angular, but i don’t think there is any delegate that would help either. The way I described above would work much nicer for me anyway so I can pick the incoming animation for each page without having to build a watcher in my root controller.


I see that you can set the class as something like class=“slide-left-right” on the view, but does this actually set the animation on the nav-view or is that just css animation? (not sure if that is how ion-nav-view does it also though, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Thoughts?).