Challenge: Create an app in 30 days

I would like to challenge myself to write an app to publish to the App Store in 30 days using Ionic. Anyone who would like to join me on this challenge? Idea is to keep each other accountable, help and guide each other.

I will be posting about my progress here:
Code will be published here:

Tasks achieve so far

Challenge accepted by:

If you would like to have your blog or twitter account added where you are posting updates, let me know. Or just go ahead and join in :slight_smile:


Are you meaning to work together with someone else? Or are you trying to have people join in the challenge and combine the period with you? Bascially, you mean building one app together with others or multiple apps by different solo devs? :smile:

Keep in mind the 1 week waiting period for ios :smile:

Nice goal for yourself! Hope what ever you build comes out great!

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Google Play is not… It’s pay and go!

Note: I have been inspired by this post: I’m Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months by a dutch guy, @levelsio; to launch my startup and a couple of ideas before 2015.



Everyone builds their own app. One would post daily updates, any issues problems encountered …

I started building my app with Ionic about 3 weeks ago and I am trying to submit it in 2 weeks (I’m away on a business trip for a week ;(… I’ve had to learn AngularJS and Ionic in that time but it’s been a fairly easy learning curve so far thanks to the way it has been designed…

I won’t post daily progress updates as I only get 2 hours a night to code, but I guess if we count it as 30 working days… :wink:

That’s awesome! Well done.

Mine would really just be an experiment too. How much can I get done with Ionic in 30 days, 1 hour per day.

You can get quite a bit done. I have been working for a little over 2 months about 1-2 hour 4 days a week. I currently have my app in alpha version on Google play. To be fair, it’s a pretty basic app but hopefully it can give you an idea. To be honest, I have been really impressed with how easy the process has gone. I expected it to be much more painful.

Hope all goes well!

  • Ryan

Count me in. I’m going to try too!

I got it, I can take the print repository and send it to you to see, and put it in play store. In my case it was an app that listed the product User chose and created an application. In the app the panel request was received in real time and had a button for each application to notify the User that the request went out for delivery.

Sounds a good challenge, I’d like to officially sign up for that (mainly as a note to myself to get it done).

It would be good if there was somewhere we could all blog on progress of our apps or have a hash tag for Twitter to posts on progress maybe #ionicapp30daychallenge

Great. Would love to know how you are progressing. Let me know on twitter or wherever you feel more comfortable. @bholdt is my twitter username

I’m signing up too! A few months I kinda started an academic project but due to my personal and professional occupations I’m always delaying it development.
With this post I’m officially announcing development!


Do you have any git to contribute to?

@salutis @jpauloloreto @stephenadams Will any of you be posting updates somewhere? Forum is also good :slight_smile:

I will be posting updates here:

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I’ve hit a bit of a delay now (work issues)… so going to be more like 40 days :wink:

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Add me to the challenge @listerpotter

Room for one more person on the wagon? Challenge accepted.
I hope I’m able to complete it alongside my grad study and other projects.

@listerp and @KazekageGaara welcome to the challenge! Good to have you on board :slight_smile: I am officially starting tomorrow.

The challenge is about to start for me! So, here’s my app idea and various sketches to go along with it