I was trying to use the new “package” beta feature and ran into an error that I’m not sure how to address. I am attempting to run package with the following command:

ionic package -e myusername -p mypassword release android

The process starts but then exits with the following error: Error logging in:

Error: CERT_UNTRUSTED (CLI v1.3.10)

We’re developing this application behind a corporate firewall that is rewriting SSL traffic with private certificates (apparently part of deep packet inspection), and we’ve pinpointed this as the cause of similar problems with Node (npm) and ruby’s gem utility. Each of these applications offers some way to either ignore/bypass strict SSL checking or to identify private certificate stores. Does the Ionic CLI application offer something similar?

Thanks in advance.


I’m also facing the same error, (with a differnt CLI version)

Error logging in: Error: CERT_UNTRUSTED (CLI v1.3.14)

Can someone help me in getting this resolved?.

Thanks in advance,
David R

Have you resolved that issue?

No, we haven’t. We currently use PhoneGap Build, so this issue isn’t a huge priority for us right now. Still, we keep an eye on this since the Ionic package workflow seems like it would be a more streamlined solution.