Few questions regarding Ionic package


I tried to build for IOS using the ionic package.
I followed the tutorial http://docs.ionic.io/v1.0/docs/package-ios

But when I

ionic package build ios --profile profile_name 

The build fail. (as seen in ionic package list)

When I try to get info about the fail:
ionic package info 4 (with 4 being my build ID)

I dont get any info, just that it failed, without any log.

How can I know what happened?

Also, in the profile from https://apps.ionic.io , when I add one to credentials for IOS, do I have to add the .cer certificate or the .p12 ?

Thanks for your answers.

Anyone who ever used ionic package, please? :blush:

You need to add the .p12 and its password and your provisioning profile

Thanks Hamza! :smile:
Now I only need to know why it doesn’t give me any log errors when it fails…

It is showing me the error log when it fails using the "ionic package info " command, may be you need to update to the latest version.
run below command and try again:
npm install -g cordova ionic