Ion-slide-box in


Hi Guys,

Ionic is awesome! First some background. I’m pretty good with PHP/MySQL/OOP, but total noob in Javascript. I can generally follow what someone else has coded, but just getting started generating new code (so it’s slow and painful).

I was trying some AngularJS Extensions examples from this page:

in the online emulator ( - fantastic tool!), and most of them seem to work fine. But I can’t get ion-slide-box to work.

I pasted the code from:


I included the example JS, but I never see a slide-box in the emulator. My emulation is saved here:

Can someone recommend a fix? Or provide a working slide-box example? Thanks a million!


Here is an example using Playground:

And here is a codepen example of it using cards:


It WORKS! That is so awesome thanks! That really helped me so much. You are the man! umm I mean amazing person haha (need to be p.c.)