Card Content is not scrollable!

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Card content is not Scrollable :confused:
I have used following code and i am not able to scroll content even on browser :frowning: Please help !

<ion-content class=“custom-has-header” has-header=“true” scroll=“true” overflow-scroll=“true”>
<div class=“list card”>
<div class=“item item-avatar”>
<img src=“mcfly.jpg”>
<h2>Marty McFly</h2>
<p>November 05, 1955</p>
<div class=“item item-body”>
<img class=“full-image” src=“delorean.jpg”>
This is a “Facebook” styled Card. The header is created from a Thumbnail List item,
the content is from a card-body consisting of an image and paragraph text. The footer
consists of tabs, icons aligned left, within the card-footer.
This is some content