Capturing app console.log on ios live app, not usb debugging connected

I have my app running and working, now I want to capture some traces as I walk around

I can see the info while connected to my mac and xcode, but i don’t have enough distance to get the info I need… is there any logging capability? capture output of console.log (I can change them to whatever, its just strings

I don’t see anything in Ionic/Native, or capacitor directly…

I do see some 3rd party that has a file logging ionic/native plugin, but it looks angular only with all the ng??? methods

i see a lot of crashdump capture… but my app is running ok.

so, I think I want to stream the event info back to a central server… seems simple… but

i don’t see a capacitor or native package for

I tried a few things, (as I have communications in other web apps)
import io from ' ';

io(server) or io.connect(server)
return a socket instance, but either do NOT connect to the server.
both sides are running 4.1.3. i added the info.plist to allow http clear text transport.
socket.emit() doesn’t fail, but still nothing on the server side.

i see a SERVER side capacitor package… only for websockets tho

my server side nodejs app works with a matching node.js app, mac to ubuntu, by ipaddress, not name, iphone on same ip network. (not from the iphone of course)

I ended up making a capacitor plugin to support enough of for my purposes