Capture photo / video on the same screen?

Hey all !

I’m using NGCordova and the Capture plugin. I figured out how to use it to capture a photo, a video, a sound… But I have requirements a bit more complicated in my project.

I would like to be able to switch from photo to video and back inside of the camera view. Here is an example of what I would want to do, from the Wedpics app :

As you can see, on the bottom, there is the possibility to change from pic to vid and back. Also, there is the possibility to choose a pic from the gallery - which is great.

Now, is this possible to do with Capture plugin ? If not, is there another plugin that gives better capabilities ? Or, if there is not, would someone be able to tell me if it’s at least doable with a hybrid app ? If yes, I could simply try and make my own plugin for iOS and Android…

Thank you very much ahead !

Still need help guys. After looking pretty much everywhere, I think there is no current plugin that does what I want. So do you think it’s possible to make one that behave like that (photo / video / access the gallery with a button…) ? If so I might simply look for a freelancer that would do it for us…

For something like that, you’ll need to make a custom plugin. I don’t know of any plugin that allows that functionality at the moment

You could start by forking one of these camera plugins and go from there.

Yes, that was my conclusion as well after searching a lot. Well, even if I could manage doing it in Java, it would take me too much damn time, and I never even tried objective C or Swift… So I’m going to look for a freelancer to do it, definitively. Just have to fully describe it functionnally before…

Thanks anyway :smile:

Hey if you ever get the plugin built, feel to contribute it to plugins site. I could see the need for something like that.

Like I would not :wink: Count on me, buddy. In exchange, if you know some good freelancer, point it to me ! It would spare me the harassment of getting through that jungle.

Off the top of my head I do not unfortunately :disappointed:
But we do have a jobs section in the forum that you could post to so theres that :smile:

Thanks buddy I will post there