Capacitor Video Player

Hi, i want to use capacitor video player in my application (Android but also WebApp).
I can’t find documentation for integrate the version 4 of this plugin.
Someone have information about?
Or ther’s another plugin that i can use?
Thank you

What plugin are you trying? Any reason why you want to use a Capacitor plugin over a web/HTML player?

Hi, the plugin is Capacitor-video-player. No particular reason. I can use anyone angular plugin?

It seems v4 of the plugin that supports Capacitor 4 has the same directions of v3.

I use to play YouTube videos in my app without any issues. My philosophy is to start with web technology and if that doesn’t work, then jump into native with a Capacitor plugin. I think the main issue with using an HTML video player is that you most likely won’t get native controls on the lock screen/notification bar (this doesn’t matter for my use case).

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Great suggest! i will try !