Capacitor User Support Concern

Im a little concerned with what seems to be the complete lack of support or examples for Capacitor.

I have seen people posting in GitHub asking questions only to be reprimanded and told to come to this forum, which for the most part is dead or use the Slack channel which for the most part is dead.

You are also told to look at the documentation or look at the source to see how code is implemented in capacitor. I would suggest the documentation is lacking at best and just wrong in some cases.

For instance, I am looking at creating a plugin.

If I look at the iOS page I am told I can fire an event using

self.bridge.triggerWindowJSEvent(eventName: "myCustomEvent", data: "my custom data")

Which gives an error in the browser

SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier 'custom'. Expected ')' to end an argument list.

On the Android page

self.bridge.triggerWindowJSEvent("myCustomEvent", "{ 'dataKey': 'dataValue' }");

Which suggests the iOS version should be formatted like this instead

self.bridge.triggerWindowJSEvent( eventName: "myCustomEvent" , data: "{ 'dataKey': 'dataValue' }" )

Which works and an event object is now received in the JS layer.

Now what I really want is to use self.notifyListeners(“myPluginEvent”, data: [:]) which works great but would seem to be very limited, having only add and remove functionality on the JS layer.

I want to be able to remove all listeners from the plugin, from the native layer, which doesn’t seem to be supported. This becomes an issue, with live reloading as the JS layer fires from scratch but the iOS layer persists so the native events fire even though there is no longer a listener in the JS layer and a new one has been setup after the code reloaded.

So if I cant ask questions on GitHub, the forum is dead, the documentation is not helpful, no one answers on the Slack channel, how does Ionic expect people to use and support Capacitor?

i agree to this. i followed all the steps still things are not working… and there is no help.