Capacitor plugins limitations

Hello everyone,

I am new to the Ionic Framework, and so far, I am pleased with its efficiency in delivering projects rapidly.

Recently, I came across the generation of Capacitor plugins, which enables me to implement certain features in Java if they are not already provided by the framework. In this context, I am curious to understand the limitations of these plugins written in Java. Will they allow me to achieve every functionality that could be achieved by native Java/Kotlin? Or are there some functionalities that can only be accomplished using native Java/Kotlin due to the restrictions imposed by the webview concept?

Thank you in advance. Have a great day.

Sounds like you already have a good understanding of Capacitor.

From my experience i would say everything view unrelated is possible. Everything view unrelated depends…

For Example: You can present a native view below the webview and make it accessible by setting the webview to transparent and pass touch events. Thats how for example the GoogleMaps or Camera Preview Plugin works.

Difficulty and mostly not possible is having a small native view inside of a webview, which makes for example google native ads not possible in an capacitor app atm.

Something to read: All the layers of Capacitor Google Maps - Ionic Blog