Capacitor Orientation Plugin after install and get warn

Hello everyone. I have a problem after installed Screen Orientation on this website:

I am using an ionic vue combined with a capacitor to be a tool cross-platform. After ionic cap sync I got the warning is said:

Even though I really installed the default version @^3.0.2.

Please does anyone have a solution to this?

Capacitor 3 no longer installs dependencies (because different people uses different package managers and it’s a pain to try to guess or not mess if we install with npm).
So, that warning is only telling you that the screen-orientation plugin has a dependency to es6-promise-plugin 4.1.0, and you should manually install it

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Thanks a lot, @jcesarmobile. if I have installed es6-promise-plugin after I afraid maybe will break the project. By the way, so I decided to ask the team to make sure it all ok. Thanks a lot to the ionic team, you’re great.