@capacitor/screen-orientation not working as expected

I was using the cordova-plugin-screen-orientation package previously for locking certain pages of my ionic/angular/capacitor app in landscape mode. That seems to have stopped working with a recent iOS update (I’m running a device with 16.4.1).

I’m trying to use the @capacitor/screen-orientation package, but when I call:
await ScreenOrientation.lock({ orientation: "landscape" }) all it seems to do is lock my CURRENT screen orientation and doesn’t actually force the device into landscape and lock it (both iOS and Android). Am I misunderstanding the intention here or am I just doing something insanely dumb (guessing it’s both!)?

@capacitor/screen-orientation”: “^4.1.0”

It’s a known bug on the plugin that has been fixed, but not released yet (unless you want to use capacitor 5 beta and the beta version of the plugin)

You can use landscape-primary or landscape-secondary, but not landscape until the fix is released.

Thanks much! I clearly missed the bug but just confirmed that the workaround does solve my problem. Thanks again :beers: