Capacitor music controls

We are using cordova-music-controls2.
We are migrating the app to capacitor but there is no alternative working.
Do you know any other option?

But, Are these plugins stables?
I have seen that we should not use it. Also just one of them support Capacitor V3.

Not sure i’ve never used. but maybe the cordova-music-controls2 is compatible with capacitor v3, have you tried?

Try the MediaSession API. No Plugin is needed:

If the API doesn’t work, there’s also a Plugin for that:

Yes, I have tried.
They know that there is a problem on iOS.
Not fixed

Looks good, I am going to test this.

After install the plugin on sync iOS we have this error:
[!] No podspec found for VideodockCapacitorMediaSession in ../../node_modules/@videodock/capacitor-media-session

Do you know how to fix it?

Hi, please run the following commands in the ios folder:

sudo gem install cocoapods
pod repo update

We still have the problem after run the repo update:
→ Fetching podspec for VideodockCapacitorMediaSession from ../../node_modules/@videodock/capacitor-media-session
[!] No podspec found for VideodockCapacitorMediaSession in ../../node_modules/@videodock/capacitor-media-session


Found the problem. Defined here:

Hope that they fix the problem

Did you find a solution to this? I too need the Music controls plugin for capacitor +3

No solution found by now.
I have created a capacitor community plugin proposal.