Capacitor inappbrowser native browser cookies/sessions

As far as I can tell Cordova in app browser allows the cookies to be read from native browser, I can’t seem to find a similar working solution using Capacitor browser - is it all possible?

The Capacitor Browser is pretty limited. What are you trying to achieve?

Auth flow - open native browser login pass auth code back to app so oauth2 transactions can occur, but then here is the main issue - we need to open the associated aforementioned website in app and hopefully retain the logged in state from the native browser session - like I mentioned Cordova plugin docs suggest it can be done - we did try the Cordova plugin but it was throwing odd Vue errors - maybe we’ll head back to it.

@iantearle Hello, did you manage to implement external login in Ionic app?

Yes, by implementing passwordless authentication in WordPress. Login to the app via oAuth2 methods. Obtain a token and use that token to passwordless authenticate. I’ll add some code to a Gist.